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apk_info — a utility for displaying information on software package


apk_info [-cfhIiKkLqRrSsUuvw] [-e apkname] apkname ...

apk_info [-q] -W apkname



The apk_info command is used to dump out information for packages, either software package archives or already installed on the system with the apk_add command.


The following command line arguments are supported:


The named packages are described. A package name may be either the name of an installed package, the pathname to a package file or a full URI to a remote package.

If a full URI is specified, the package will be downloaded to the $PACKAGES directory.


Show the (one line) comment field for each package.

-e apk-name

If the package identified by apk-name is currently installed, return 0, otherwise return 1. This option allows you to easily test for the presence of another package from a script.


If package is not installed, download it to $ROOT/var/cache/packages.


Show help and exit.


Show the pre-install script (if any) for each package.


Show the post-install script (if any) for each package.


Show the pre-deinstall script (if any) for each package.


Show the post-deinstall script (if any) for each package.


Show the files within each package.


Quiet mode. Supress non-error messages.


Show the list of packages on which each package depends.


Show the list of installed packages which require each package.


Show all scripts in package; pre-install, pre-update, post-install, post-update, pre-delete and post-delete.


Show the size for each package.


Show the pre-update script (if any) for each package.


Show the post-update script (if any) for each package.


Turn on verbose output.

-W filename

Show which package the specified filename argument belongs to. If the file is not in the current directory, and does not have an absolute path, then the PATH is searched using which(1).


Show the URL to the homepage for each package.


Package info is either extracted from package files named on the command line, or from already installed package information in $ROOT/var/db/apk/pkgname-ver where pkgname-ver is the package name (with version) in question.



Alternative location for the installed package database. Default is $ROOT/var/db/apk.


List of URI's to remote package repository mirrors. The URI's are separated by a semicolon (;).


Base directory where apk_info saves downloaded packages. Default is $ROOT/var/cache/packages.


Base directory for apk-tools. It is unset by default which means that / is the base directory.



Default location to save downloaded files into.


Default location for the installed package database.


Default location of the apk-tools configuration file.


apk_add (1), apk.conf (5)

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